Country Music

Country or western music is a genre which first developed in south-east America, it was one of the first types of music started in American states as a blend of folk, African American blues and church music. The instruments usually played were: the fiddle, acoustic guitar and banjo.

The first and most famous group in the 1920s was the carter family. Many people think about Jimmie Rodger as the country’s father. He recorded all of his singles between 1927 and 1933, his song “Blue Yodel #1” was the first country single bought over one million times. Rodger died in 1933 from tuberculosis. In the 30’s and 40’s cowboy movies started being filmed, this lead to more country music being produced for these movies soundtracks. The Nashville sound started form the 50’s and continued in the 60’s, it was a movement where jazz and swing with storytelling were introduced and blended in. the Bakersfield sound started in the 1950s in Bakersfield, California.

This movement brought some rock n’ roll to country, with loud Fenders and drums. The Outlaw Movement started because artists from this genre were didn’t want to follow the rules of music anymore, so performers started changing their appearance, for example male singers started growing their hair, but the appearance wasn’t the only change they made, they also started playing how, when and where ever they wanted to . The urban cowboy movement started in 1979 where country artists made it to the top pop charts.

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