Small town festivals in U.S.A.

Sometimes the best festivals are held in small towns, especially in the U.S; and here there are some examples to prove it.

Lilac festival

Mackinac Island, Michigan is where this festival takes place; it is in June it’s held for 10 days. The city is covered in bloomed lilacs, the main event is the lilac queens crowning and the Grand Parade.

Tulip time festival

It is held in Holland, Michigan, in May. This festival attracts 500 000 people from 40 different countries every year. The first tulip time festival kicked in 1929 but because of the second world war for some years it didn’t continue but now it obviously is a yearly event.

Texas Sand fest

Every year more than 100 000 people go on Port Arsans beach to see, professional and amateurs from around the country, sculpting sand along the beach.

La Quinta arts festival

It is a four-days festival in California and the art works shown are the ones the jury approved and the art works have a wide range of prices.

Firefly Music festival

This is a festival similar to Coachella, but it is much cheaper. It takes place in Dover, Delaware, every summer and just like Coachella there are many young people and famous singers, such as Paul McCartney, perform.

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