Red Marlow & Tremayne

Who’s Red Marlow?

Red Marlow is a country singer songwriter, he was born in a northern Alabama city. His father was a preacher and his sibling and him provided the music, they usually played southern Gospel. At age 22 he moved to Nashville after his friend and producer told him to do so. He recorded some EPs by himself trying to break through the industry for fifteen years. Four of the five songs on his debut EP, (released on 2014), were written by him and the song “Whatcha Think About That” aired on Sirius XM’s The Highway. For a while he decided to throw his dream away and began his own construction company that he chose to call “Mr. Fix All” because this provided much more support to his family, but he wasn’t quite happy with where his life was heading to. In 2017 he was 40 years old when he made the decision to be part of a competition like “the voice” and was chosen by judge Blake Shelton to be on his team. Red made it to the finals, but didn’t win, in fact he came on fourth place, but this didn’t stop his career, as a matter of fact this year he released his first full album “country as cornbread”.

Who are Tremayne?

Tremayne is a band well known in northern Alabama, who has made its large following. The group plays different types of music: country, classic rock, R&B, funk, motwn, Soul, Southern Rock and Blues. Tremayne has been brought together by the guitarist and founder Mike Mayhall (from Double Springs, Alabama), who has toured with Jeff Cook. The vocalist of the band is Lauren Ritter (from Fredericksburg, Virginia) she has recorded in many studios and has worked with many singers. The bass guitar is played by Dennis Gulley and Anthony Weathers plays the drums. All of the members of the band have worked with several other artists and the band is mostly hired for parties or, as they on Friday evening Haleyville, for festivals.

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