Who’s Craig Morgan?

Craig Morgan is one if the singers who performed on Friday evening up on stage for the 50th anniversary of the 911 festival. Craig Morgan was born on 17th July 1964 in Kingston Springs, he’s a singer who grew up listening to country music, and now he makes his own. He always dreamt about singing and playing his guitar in front of a big crowd, but hewas a soldier before becoming a big star. He played for the first time in front of some people when he was serving in the U.S. army. He played for the troops any time he could and won the military singing and songwriting contest.

Because of his humble background he still plays sometimes in front of the military troops and he has been awarded for his support he has given to the troops and their families. He was signed to Atlantic Records when at the beginning of the 21st century his debut album was released, but in 2003 he changed record label, so he then signed to Broken and Bow Records. One year later he released his second studio album “I love it” but it didn’t have a big success, although the second track “Almost Home” made it on the top ten Billboard country songs and it was his first top ten hit. His album “my kind of living” is the most successful one to this day, its first single made it to number one, “Redneck Yacht Club” placed second and “I Got You” twelfth.

Although the positive reviews the last album he released signed to Broken and Bow Records had gotten, it wasn’t as successful as the others. After he left the record label his “Greatest Hits” album was released. Morgan’s current record label is BNA Records.

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